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Lucarelli Law Firm was founded in 1998 by a group of various experiences in the field of law with the aim of assisting selected clients in different areas of civil law and company with a staff of professionals who possess skills in different sectors.
The goal that has always characterized the provision of support services, counseling and advocacy law firm Lucarelli is to compete in the market for legal services, providing high quality results, combining preparation and constant updating, and ensuring direct contact with customers, to enable a close link between the professional and the client.
Lucarelli Law Firm based in Campobasso, in a historic building in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 9 (50 meters from the Palace of Justice) and is designed with modern systems of distribution space, is equipped with the technology to 'avant-garde, to provide customers with the best comfort, both in the reception for meetings at both the effectiveness of business communications and business management.
The dynamism, the 'enterprise administrative staff and preparation are the fees that have guided the organization of the structure, by the secretarial staff of employees. The professional activity is carried on both in-court activity, both based advice and assistance company, which aimed at establishing conciliation of disputes (conciliation and arbitration rooms) and with the recruitment, support and advocacy for different types of disputes the aforementioned matters, before justices of the peace, the Courts, Courts of Appeals, to the Superior Courts. Taking each assignment is preceded by an exploratory meeting on the feasibility of customer requests and assessment of their rights and obligations agreed with setting and planning of office to play, including the prediction of the economic burdens for the activity . The operational scope of the study covers the whole Italy. The study is available also for any kind of clearance from the Courts of Campobasso, Isernia, Larino, Vasto, Lucera, Foggia, Benevento, Terni and Florence.  



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